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Dr. Shahriar Jalali The Downtown Dental Clinic

Dr. Shahriar Jalali is a general dentist with Laser Dentistry background. He received his DDS from Isfahan University of Medical Science in 1994, and his MSc in Laser Dentistry from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, in 2012. Dr. Jalali owned and operated a highly equipped dental office in Iran for 18 years. Upon his immigration to Canada, he wrote and passed all National Dental Board exams consecutively and received his licence in General Dentistry. He is an eminently qualified dentist who has made numerous oral presentations in cosmetic and laser dentistry in local and international dental circles.

Based on his education in Laser Dentistry, he has a wide variety of laser equipment in this office and offers different types of treatments using laser. Dr.Jalali is also highly trained in Integrated Implantology. Using 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) and combining it with Intra-Oral Scanning, this allows Dr.Jalali to produce a 3D model of the patient and the ability to perform implant surgery with less bleeding and only cutting tissue in the most appropriate place and size. He is also trained in Invisalign Orthodontics, which combined with scanning teeth and their relation with intra-oral camera offers an excellent result.

Dr. Jalali has a continued passion for learning. He trained for CAD/CAM, which scans and produces a crown or several crowns and onlays in one appointment. In his free time, he enjoys being with his family, biking, and camping. 

He is more than happy to talk his clients about their question or concerns. He is available through his cell 6136004342 or his email address: [email protected]

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