Anahita Azadi, DDS

Periodontist in Ottawa

Dr. Anahita Azadi The Downtown Dental ClinicDr. Anahita Azadi is a general dentist with a Periodontist background. She received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2011 from Isfahan University of Medical Science, in Iran as a top student. Right after the graduation, she admitted to specialty program of periodontics (MSc) at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science having been ranked 17 out of 2,000 participants in the national dental residency exam. During residency program she attained the highest score in upgrade exams for three years in row among all residents of Periodontics. She successfully completed the four-year residency program, passed the specialty board exam in 2015 and was ranked top five among all candidates and obtained her Master of Science degree in Periodontics in 2015. Shortly after she became a faculty member at Kashan University of Medical Science as associate professor (2015-2019).

As an Associate Professor at Periodontology Department, she educated dental students as well as doing researches. She was also the Head of Periodontology and Implant dentistry/Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Departments of Kashan Medical University (2017-2019).

In 2019, she moved to Canada and Successfully passed National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) equivalency programs at her first attempt in 2019 and got her Canadian License as a General Dentist in early days of 2020.

She is now a member of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and Canadian Dental Association and the Ontario Dental Association. She is also a fellow of Iranian Academy of Periodontology (2015), International Team for Implantology (ITI), Iranian General Dentists Association (2011), and Medical Council of Iran.

She continues her education through many specialty courses, various seminars, study clubs and online courses.

Enjoying all aspects of general dentistry and being patient focused, her main areas of interest are periodontal surgeries, implant dentistry, bone and gum grafting for someone who really needs specialized services in Oral surgeries. She is so happy working with The Downtown Dental Clinic team, because the clinic is completely equipped for performing such specialized treatments for the patients. She has been doing sports for almost her whole life, to be mentally and physically healthy. 3 years ago She found Pilates as a perfect exercise which meets all of the criteria she was looking for! She also enjoys Camping, Swimming, Long distance Biking and having movie nights in her leisure times with her husband and beloved cat.

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